Running Outside In Michigan In Winter Is Great Exercise!

Well it’s January 20th, we now have a new President in Barack Obama with a new vision for our country and like it or not, for the next four years he will lead the hope of our nation.  I may not have voted for the man, but as any good American should do, I will support him as with any other President we have had in the past and celebrate the freedoms our great nations political system affords us.  My prayers are with him that we can go in a positive direction and get this country back on it’s feet.  <End of political commentary>

Darn are my toes cold!  I just got back in from my evening 3 mile run and it’s so cold, that my toes were freezing in my running shoes while I ran.  Today actually warmed up a bit and it was a balmy 6 degrees when I left at 4:45 PM this evening for my daily weight loss exercise.  Now if I can do that, those of you who are still trying to decide whether to begin and get serious about your weight loss, should be able to find the gumption to at least find a nice warm treadmill for a short walk.  Don’t wait, start now!

I’m sure when I say that I was out running in 6 degree weather, many will think I am simply nuts, as does my wife.  But the fact of the matter is, is that I find running outside a much more enjoyable task than I do having to spend a half hour or so on the treadmill.  I even broke down and bought myself an inexpensive little MP3 player to give something to listen too besides my thoughts while I run.  The doctor asked me yesterday if I get a “runners high” when I run.  He chuckled when I gave him a “what you talkin’ bout Willis” kind of look, and then went on to explain that some people get an endorphin high from running.

That’s what that is!  If you read back into the earlier days of my blog here, you will read where I am a avid walker and don’t particularly endorse running for everyone when it comes to exercising for weight loss.  The main reason for that is the damage it can do to your joints and bones with some people and I have to admit, there are many days when my legs just ache horribly from running.  I then ask myself why I’m still doing it when I know a good brisk walk is just as good if not better for you in meeting your weight loss goals and less strain on your body?

Now I understand.  I’m an addict!  My body now craves the “endorphin high” it gets when I run!  I tried walking a week or so ago because my leg was really bothering me and I decided to give it a rest.  About one mile in, I simply found myself feeling like I just “had to run”.  Now I know why.   I’m an addict!  Well I guess if I have to be an addict again, I’m glad it’s to something like running and no longer the cigarettes I smoked for 30 years before I quit, and the food I ate that drove me to obesity and my year long trek back to a thinner new me that I’ve become.

Whether you walk, run, lift weights, do aerobics, yoga, jazzercise, etc., find out what gives you that “endorphin high” and become addicted to something that will better and in many cases, help save your life!  80 lbs. ago, I was obese, a diabetic, on extremely high doses of cholesterol drugs, blood pressure meds, and just plain ill.  Yesterday when they checked my blood sugars at my doctor appointment, I was 59 and the doctor asked me if I felt ok?  From diabetic to hypoglycemic…go figure!  I still am taking no meds but they messed up my blood test for my cholesterol as I expect that I may still need to take a small dose of a statin to keep my LDL low because of my history but I’ll know that in a week.

Get going today with your diet and exercise program.  You can be healthier in no time at all and you will thank yourself in the end.  Leave the obesity and diabetes behind.  Start today!

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