Exercise For Weight Loss – Adding Weight Lifting To Your Routine

Sooner or later, when you’ve been fat for a long time, you realize that your weight loss starts to slow down.  This partly because you have less fat to lose but also because your metabolism may be re-arranging itself a bit too.  When your BMI is higher than 30 (I started at 37), there is plenty of fat to burn as a percentage of your entire weight and for some people this will come off fairly easy.  Loosing 1% of 275 lbs. was easy at 2.7 lbs. a week with regular exercise and reasonably good eating habits.  Once I reached the 220 lb. mark, a 1% weight loss is now only 2.2 lbs. and most of that is no longer just fat, it’s muscle.

So what do I do when my weight loss needs to continue and I’m still eating and exercising as I was 6 months ago but the lbs. just don’t want to seem to budge?  Muscle.  You simply need more muscle to help burn calories and to continue to keep your metabolism up at a level that will keep you in a weight loss mode.  Another thing I was beginning to notice, and as I’ve been writing in this blog for a number of months now, my primary exercise has been walking.  I’m still walking to better and new me, but I began to notice that even though in the mirror I continue to look slimmer all the time, my upper body just didn’t seem to have the tone it once did.

Why is that?  Well in my case, I thought I had stayed fairly muscular during my fat years, but no I feel that more of what I thought was muscle was actually fat, or very fat muscle.  As the fat is disappearing, and there is nothing but leaner muscle left, I found that those muscles were not near as large or as toned as I thought they were.  My thighs and calves are looking great and are very tone from my daily walks, but I had been neglecting to work on my upper body and it is showing.  So what to do?

Simple, add a weight lifting routine to my exercise.  This will increase my daily exercise routine by about 10 – 15 minutes, but I think the results will be great.  You could just start walking with dumb bells in your hands as one option, but for me, we have a weight machine in the basement that we bought years ago and this was the perfect time to put it back into service for something other that decoration downstairs.  We also had an Ab Lounger down there that I was literally too fat to use (weight limit is 230 lbs.) so now I can start developing a six pack that can be seen instead of the six pack I had hidden under the fat all this time!

I have only begun this extra routine a week ago so I will keep you posted as to how that is going.  I knew that once I hit this range of weight that I would have to work harder and here we are.  I am working on reps more that the amount of weight, because I am interested in toning the muscle I have with slow muscle development and reps are more important than the amount of weight for that.  I’ll keep you posted and I’m still becoming a thinner new me just “one pound ago”.

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