It’s Weight Loss And Exercise Season!

Well we’ve passed through the 2nd week of January and I wonder how many of those well meaning weight loss and exercise New Years resolutions have already fallen by the wayside?  That’s what happens to over 80% of the people who make a new years resolution to lose weight, quit smoking, well you know what I mean.

It could well have been me last year, but I had a plan.  I had a plan to lose weight and keep it off forever and I decided right from the beginning that there weren’t going to be any big weight loss and exercise goals that I knew I wouldn’t stay with for more than a month.  I had a plan!  So what was my plan and have I stuck with it?

The answer is a resounding yes!  So what was my plan and why was I able to stick with it unlike the other 80% who didn’t or won’t?  Quite simple really…I set “reachable or attainable” weight loss and exercise goals.  The first thing I did was take my knowledge of diets that worked for me in the past and I chose to eat in that manner.  For me it was lower carb.  Not low carb or no carb but lower carb.  I basically created a modified South Beach diet plan. 

I cut out all my bread, pasta, and potato for the first 9 months of my diet and ate lots of protein, vegetables, and low carb fruits.  I also ate lots of trail mix and other nuts to add “healthy” protein to my diet.  This diet for me at least, kept me from feeling hungry all the time and gave me plenty of energy for the exercise I was doing.

Part two of my plan was the exercise.  In the past I had never got serious about my exercise needs when I dieted.  Let’s face facts folks…most of us didn’t become obese from simply eating badly or too much all by itself.  Most of us didn’t get off our butts except when we had to during commercials to go feed our fat faces.  Insulted now?  Good, because we need to be.  We need to realize that this condition called obesity is most often a self inflicted condition that we “can control”!

I started simply by walking.  I walked 1 mile that first day, was totally out of breath, and my back and knees hurt so bad I figured I was going to die.  2nd day wasn’t much better but I stayed with it.  Within a month I was walking 3 -4 miles a day and could walk 3.3 miles in about 55 minutes.  I was thrilled!  I look back now and see how pathetic that was but at the time I was really proud of myself and kept at it.  Eventually I got to where I could walk the same distance in about 40 minutes, not be the least bit winded, and feeling generally pretty good.

At about 6 months I added some weight training to my weekly routine to start toning some of the flab left over from my former obese self and that started working wonders too.  I started really concentrating on my stomach area or “abs” to try to speed up the process of becoming the guy I was 30 years ago when I got married.  I don’t yet have a six pack but I’m well on my way to a 4 pack!

So what am I saying?  Set some simple goals and get started!  The sooner the better.  You will thank yourself in ways you can’t imagine.  My diet is still healthy and on the “lower carb” side, but I still have only added small portions of bread and pasta into my diet.  I also have started adding potatoes back to my diet about twice weekly.  My weight loss has slowed but at 195 lbs., I am willing to take months trying to slim down to the 175 – 180 lb. range I still want to get to. 

This has been a lifestyle change for me and if you are going to be successful long term, you need to make the lifestyle changes necessary to do it too.  Fad diets don’t work.  You’ll find yourself on the “yo-yo” train if you do and going up and down in weight.  Slow and steady is the key so you learn how to change the habits that got you there in the first place.  You can do it and stop being fat just “one pound ago”.  Do it now!

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