One Pound Weight Loss Exercise and Thinking – Soldiering On

I finally hit the 50 lb. weight loss mark and I have reached 222 lbs. (started at 272 if your haven’t been reading along), so only 40 more to go to my ultimate goal of 182 lbs.!  Some where along the way you will find yourself hitting those personal goals you set up for yourself and you need to make sure you celebrate them as you do. 


Treat them like any other special occasion because they are just as important in your weight loss journey as a birthday is to your life’s journey!  Not only does it reinforce why you do the exercise for your weight loss path and eat a smart diet “all of the time”, but it gives you an opportunity to set new weight loss and exercise goals for the next period.  Whether these weight loss goals are 5 pounds each or 50 pounds each, you need to celebrate them.


I you have trouble sticking with weight loss goals or weight loss exercise goals, set shorter or smaller ones.  If you are out to loose 10 or 20 lbs., you might set those goals at 5 pound intervals or in the case of myself and the plan to loose 90 lbs. I have been setting them at 25 lb. intervals.  What ever works for you, do it, but make sure that you set those goals non the less.  They make you think about where you are at with your weight loss travels and help to refocus you as well.


I believe I am now reaching a very dangerous part of my diet and exercise journey.  Why do I say that?  Because I have now reached a weight and pants size that I had for much of the 1st 15 years of my adult life when I was only “obese” and not “severely obese”, I have a big concern that I will get “lazy” about maintaining my weight loss exercise regimen to keep moving forward.  I have already had occasions where I look in the mirror and think “I don’t look so bad”, but the fact is, at 40 pounds over weight, I am still “obese” and need to see myself that way!  I know some people will say that I shouldn’t be that hard on myself and that I am promoting other “thin disease issues” like anorexia or bulimia if I’m not careful, and for a rare few that may be true.


In my case, it’s the opposite problem.  I am afflicted with the “fat disease” and I have been comfortable being fat most of my life.  I need to change that in myself and this weight loss journey for me is two fold.  Not only am I working to change my way of thinking to “one pound weight loss at a time”, by eating healthier and daily exercise, but I also need to change the way I feel about being fat.  I need to stop feeling that it’s “ok to be fat”!  It’s not of to be fat!  That’s how it starts.  First it’s “ok the be a little over weight”, then it’s “ok to be a little fat”, then it’s “ok to be a little obese”, and before you know it, you are right I had gone and that was severely over weight, obese, and just plain fat and it was just “ok”.


I don’t want to be “ok with it” anymore.  I need to be appalled with myself that it’s ok.  I need to realize that I can be thinner and healthier and stay that way.  That has to also become a way of life in my thinking just as my eating habits and exercise routines need to be.  Obesity breeds disease!  It increases our risks for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and whole host of other nasty things that I don’t need controlling my life.  I want to “LIVE”!  Think of it as life or death, because it could be for you if you don’t change it.  We can be thinner and healthier just “one pound ago”!

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