Happy “Weight Loss” New Year!

Hello readers…I’ve been a bit lazy the past couple of weeks as I’ve been enjoying the holidays to their fullest with family.  I always take vacation this time of year and I look forward to Christmas with the kids and grand-kids above all.  So how did we do and what’s ahead for 2009?

Ok, first the “how did we do”?  2008 brought a year of new thinking for me in regard to my weight and overall health as anyone who has been following this blog already knows.  It hasn’t been an easy year in that regard but overall I would call it a successful one.  I still regret that I didn’t take my measurements when I started down this road but I can’t change that now so onward and upward.  I started 2008 being 46 yrs’ old, 5′ 11″ and 278 lbs., quite simply put “very obese”, feeling like I was 66 instead of 46, and in the very high risk area for heart disease.   I was also diagnosed with type II diabetes in February.  I was on max doses of cholesterol medications which included Crestor, Tricor, and NIaspan for over 8 years and I was also put on blood pressure medication for it’s obvious purpose back in 2006.

February 2008 and the diabetes diagnosis brought me to a realization that I wasn’t going to live long enough to enjoy my grand-kids if I didn’t change something about my life.  At that point I made a decision to start doing something about it and started slowly.  I set a goal of one pound per week, and an initial end goal of 185 lbs.  So what next?  I started walking.  I have stated from the beginning that I am a proponent of the low carb diet for people like me because I know it works.  It’s probably not a great permanent way to eat but for those of us who need to lose a lot of weight, it works.  I chose a diet in the vein of South Beach, but as I have stated all along, “find a diet that works for you” but never a “fad or yo-yo” diet.  It needs to be something you can stick with and enjoy.

And now the one everyone hates to hear, especially us FAT people, you’ve got to exercise!  I don’t care if you start with exercises you have to sit in a chair to do, but you have to start something.  If you don’t get your metabolism going, nothing else will matter.  I chose walking and started walking a mile or so a day and built up to about 3 – 4 miles a day after about a month.  At first it was only about 3 miles an hour but as the weigh started dropping I eventually got to about 4.5 miles an hour.  For the past two months I have switched to running at about 6 – 6.5 mph and I’m feeling great!  About 3 months ago I also added 3 -4 days a week, about 20 minutes of weight training exercise to my regimen for toning purposes.

So where did I end up for 2008?  Totally successful in my opinion.  I now weigh 197 lbs. for a net weight loss of 81 lbs. for the year.  Because I didn’t measure myself I can only estimate, but I went from wearing 2XL shirts and 46″ waisted pants, to a “large” and 35″ waist as of today.  I am currently off all of my medications and later this month we’ll see how I’m doing after six months of no cholesterol medications.  I still have 12 lbs. to go to get to my original goal of 185 lbs. but it is in site.  A “mini goal” I set recently was to get through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays without gaining weight which I also did successfully.  And yes, I CHEATED!  I ate some cookies, pie, chocolate, cheese and crackers, cake, you name it.  I stayed diligent with my workouts and calorie diary, and I tried not to eat large amounts of those no-no foods, and have actually still lost a couple of pounds during that time.

For me, 2008 was life changing and I plan to keep it that way going forward.  So what’s next for 2009?  More of the same but with some new goals.  So here are my 2009 goals or my “New Year’s Resolution” if you will.

Weight loss goal – 22 lbs. for a new “goal weight”  of 175 lbs.

Exercise – Maintain current running and toning regimen and enter at least one 5K run for the coming year and possibly even a 10K depending on my  progress.

Diet – I still prefer the low carb lifestyle but I have definitely migrated to more of a “lower carb” lifestyle.  I will be adding “good carbs” as I see fit as I will need the energy as my body runs out of fat to burn.

Stay tuned people!  More to come and for those of you just starting, DON’T WAIT!  The time is now to take control and save your own life.  I’m doing it and so can you so join me in 2009 and leave the fat you behind just “one pound ago”!

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