Weight Loss Exercise and Vacationing

It’s vacation season and with that comes the tendency to eat badly and not get enough exercise to maintain your downward trend in weight loss.  The first thing to remember is that vacationing is not an end for your weight loss exercise, but merely a time to get more creative in how you do it and maintain that downward trend of one pound a week loss in spite of “having a good time” while on your vacation.  This also applies to your eating habits while on vacation but more on that in a moment.

I am writing this from my hotel room on the beautiful shores of lake Huron in the city of St. Ignace which is located just across the coolest bridge I know called the Mackinaw Bridge.  This bridge connects the lower peninsula of Michigan with the upper and is a natural wonder by it’s own right.  Just Google it on Google Maps sometime and look at the satellite map version and you’ll see what I mean.  Beautiful place to see and you’ll also find Mackinaw (or Mackinac) Island nearby.

When we arrived in St. Ignace at the hotel, it would have been very easy to just hop on the motorcycle and ride somewhere for dinner.  Instead, we chose to begin our weight loss exercise with a walk to dinner.  It is about a mile to the restaurant so we simply walked there and then back after dinner.  That gave me 2 miles for the day and a good start to our stay.  Another option could have been a trip to the exercise room which this hotel didn’t have, or a trip to the pool for some exercise as well, but the main thing is that you do something.  Every small activity helps.  I managed to burn about 180 calories with the walk to dinner.  After that, it was off to bed for the evening and a good nights sleep.

The next day we planned to go to the island, so this afforded me great opportunities to get some weight loss exercise in.  It’s about a mile to the ferry from our hotel, so we decided to walk that in the morning when it was time to go.  One great thing about Mackinaw Island, is that there are no motor vehicles allowed so the only way to get around is to walk, ride a bike, or take a horse carriage.  No carriages!  Don’t forget, we need to maintain our weight loss exercise regime so walk or take a bike!  We decided to rent a bike and take the eight mile ride around the island.  We did that is just under an hour stopping briefly for “sight seeing” along the way.  Later we walked about 1 more mile around the island so in all we burned another 350 – 400 calories.  Not bad for doing something we planned to do anyway

One last thing.  I know you’ll be tempted to eat badly while on vacation because of the likelihood of eating out a lot.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  Make smart choices in what you eat.  Salads, fresh fruit and veggies, for lunch and dinner are the best choices and stay away from the burgers, dogs, and fries!  If you plan to treat yourself as I did on our last evening, remember portion control.  I decided I wanted pizza for dinner on our last evening out so I ordered a “small” pizza (I used to eat a medium by myself) and I only ate half.  Now that is still to many calories, but with the amount of exercise I did during the day, I figure I broke even in the calorie count.

Vacation doesn’t have to be the end of your diet while you are gone, but you still have to keep your head about you, making smart food choices, keeping up with your exercising, and in the end, just having a great time.  Enjoying your vacation doesn’t give us license to stop doing what we have been learning is right.  If you maintain your habits while on vacation, you’ll be happier with yourself when it’s over and will enjoy yourself that much more.  And the best part, you’ll stay on track to being a fitter and thinner you “one pound ago”!

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