How Can I Manage My Weight While I’m Injured And Can’t Excercise?

This happened to me recently and to be honest I’m not even sure how the injury occurred.  Weight loss as we know is tough enough to maintain while we are healthy and performing regular exercise, but what should I be doing if for some reason I can’t?  In my case, I somehow injured my back, possibly while golfing, but at any rate, exercise became extremely painful and I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to maintain my exercise regimen and then start gaining weight for what ever period that I was unable to do so.

There are a few options open to you depending on the injury that you have incurred and it is important to know and understand your injury.  Weight loss is never as important as doing permanent injury to yourself that may later prevent you from getting back on track and resuming your routine.  If you are sure that your injury is minor, you may likely be able to take some pain medication while exercising and allow the injury to heal itself even while maintaining your regime.  You need to be sure that doing so won’t slow the healing too much if you decide to do this.

In my case, it was a back muscle injury so I was able with some pain meds, to be able to keep up my walking and golfing regime.  It has taken twice as long to heal, but in my case, this still made more sense to me to prolong the agony and maintain the exercise with the blessing of my doctor.   However, if your injury is more severe or might hinder my healing in a negative way, this is not a good option to pursue.  So what can I do?

There are two options which take you to the same place.  It’s not going to be easy, but you may not have a choice if you wish to maintain your weight loss while rehabilitating yourself.  Cut calories.  For me this would be cutting back on my carb intake.  For you that may vary but you’ll need to cut something to make up with for the loss calorie burn while you are healing.  The other option is to resign your self to a “maintaining” level for a few days or weeks while you heal.  Either way, being injured is no reason to fall backward on our goal.  Keep your 1 pound a week goal in mind, find ways do minor exercise with the part of your body that is not injured, but most of all, hang in there and do your best not to gain weight while you heal.  A thinner you is just one pound ago, even if that is temporarily delayed!

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