One Pound Weight Loss – Keeping My Daily Walks Interesting

On my weight loss journey’s, I have now covered over 300 miles of walking.  Even living in the outskirts of a very rural town, it’s very difficult after a while to keep occupied and you might can get going miles a minute on everything from family to work to online marketing.  I actually came up with the idea for “One Pound Ago dot com” on one of those daily walks and registered the domain the day after.  I’m still working out what all I plan to do with it but the point is, in order to keep yourself in a routine you have find ways to avoid the boredom.

The exercise is crucial to any weight loss plan you might try to use.  A “long term weight loss program” doesn’t exist that will last without physical activity, and being a walker, I find that it can become boring very if I don’t find a way to keep it interesting.  In maintaining you metabolism, it’s extremely important to keep you exercise levels elivated.  Following is a list of things that I like to do when I walk to keep interested.

– Walk with a partner!  This is for me the best way to keep it interesting.  Luckily my wife loves to walk and many days she goes along with me and we have some great conversations while we walk that we otherwise would not probably have while sitting in front of the “boob tube”.  I enjoy my walks with my “best friend”!

– Change you routes frequently.  One day, I drove my car along all of the different main routes and side streets that I can walk and I recorded each section and the mileage in tenths of a mile.  That way no matter which route I walk, I can easily keep track of how far I walked and my calories burned each day that I walk.  Whether I want to walk 3 miles or 5 miles or anything in between, it’s a simple adjustment to the route and I know exactly how far I went.

– Learn about your neighbors!  Having now covered the routes I walk more times than I care to count, I have gotten no as many of their habits as I can.  I know which people are friendly or outgoing, I know which ones are shy and reclusive, and I know which ones bag their grass for mulching and which ones don’t.  I have lived in our small rural town for almost 25 years, and have met lots of people over that time, but many I hadn’t a clue where they lived.  I do now!  I even know where to local pizza place guy lives now.  We’ve been eating at his restaurant for many years but I never knew where he lived and I also know that he has a nice new John Deere garden tractor.  I’m jealous since I still drive my 13 year old Craftsman, although that speaks well for them I guess too!

The main thing is to do what ever works for you.  I also suffer from Tinnitus so I don’t like having a walkman or MP3 player on while I walk, but that is the choice of many.  Do whatever it takes to keep you motivated, but stay on the go with your weight loss plan and as always, a lighter you will only be “one pound ago”!

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