The Mental Side Of Permanent Weight Loss And You

As mentioned in my last post in this section, I was on vacation in the Ozarks and providing suggestions and advice on how to maintain your weight loss regimen and goals.  So…was I able to put my “money where my mouth was” or not?  The answer was a resounding yes!  I actually returned from vacation with a weight loss of one pound and I couldn’t have been more happy and in many ways even proud of myself.


So what did I do to get through 7 days of vacation without gaining weight and eating differently than I normally do?  I did exactly what I outlined in the suggestions in my previous post on the subject.  I kept good track of my daily calorie intake so that when I had that day when I actually ate the “apple turnover” (yes I did eat one) that I knew how much to adjust my other meals or increase my exercise to compensate for it, I could easily do it.  I also made sure that I did my daily walk or run every day we were there in the early morning before my day otherwise got underway.


I really feel the key here is simply, not changing your routine from what you know works just because you are “on vacation”.  It would have been real easy for me to just say to myself, “your on vacation so what’s the big deal?” and ignore everything I’ve learned and said in the past 10 months.  But…I left for this vacation with the weight loss lessons I learned along the way in mind and I decided up front that I wasn’t going to allow myself to “over indulge” and just blame it on being “on vacation”.


Changing from my obese self into what I am now is not just a fad diet to lose weight.  I set my thoughts right from the beginning on a path to permanent weight loss by making the mental and physical changes I needed to maintain my weight loss goals and ten months in, I have so far been successful.  In my mind, I have and am continuing to do so, developing mental weight loss thought processes that I should be able to maintain for the rest of my life.  Being fat or obese is a condition that like everything else that is good in life, requires a serious effort on our part.


Assuming you weren’t born into or inherited a large sum of money, you will never be a rich man or woman without having the proper mindset and applying the due diligence required to become so.  It takes a lot of mental discipline and a good plan to be successful and make lots of money and the same applies to weight loss.  We can choose to be fat, or we can choose not to be fat.  It’s really that simple.  Now I know that by me making that statement, I just left a bunch of obese and fat people thinking I’m nuts and that’s ok. 


Now I know that for a “few” individuals, that there are underlying medical issues that may need attention before successful and permanent weight loss can be achieved such as thyroid, some medications for other conditions, and physical disabilities exists which may prevent reasonable exercise. 

For the rest of us that are reasonably able to function and just love to over eat and eat badly, there is much hope.  I am hoping to be an example of that.  People like you and I are doing this everyday.  You need to decide that you don’t want to be fat anymore, lose the pity party you hold regularly, and simply get up off your fat butt and do something about it.


I couldn’t walk half a mile without being exhausted and hurting everywhere, especially in my back and knees but now I can!  I couldn’t catch my breath after jogging 100 yards but now I can run 3 or 4 miles and not feel like I’m going to die!  I used to have high blood pressure and type II diabetes and now I don’t!  My cholesterol was extremely high and now it isn’t.


I think you get the picture.  The only thing that saddens me is that it took me this long to wise up and care enough to do something about it.  I’m actually looking forward to maybe taking a cruise or a trip to Hawaii because I can go and “look good” in a bathing suit.  Before my weight loss, you wouldn’t have caught me dead at a beach and if you did I would have been dressed in at best shorts, and very “large loose fitting shirt”.  Now I can take my shirt off and not be embarrassed!  You can do it too and it’s just “one pound ago”!


Update:  As of today I am 199 lbs. with a 36″ waist.  I have maintained my exercise regimen as it was with a 3 – 4 mile walk or run every day, with 10 minutes on the weight machineevery other day.  My daily diet intake is budgeted around 1500 calories per day plus 350 to 450 calories earned in exercise for a total of around 1900 per day.  Current daily carb intake is around 180 (began with about 90) with most carbs from fruit, nuts, and vegetables.

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