Facing The Reality Of Being Overweight

Having been anywhere in the range from what is termed “over weight” all the way up to “obese” most of my life, I can relate to the struggles that those like me face in everyday life.  I have suffered through health issues that are definitely related to my “fat disease” and others that are derivatives of that problem along with genetics.  And of course, in my case there also are the health issues that have been related to the “self mutilation habit” that I also had for 30 years called “smoking”.  Add all this together and sometimes it’s amazing that I’ve managed to stay as healthy as I have in spite of myself, although I am also now a type II diabetic because of my “over weightiness”.

This may sound a bit harsh, but quite frankly, I need to be.  I can’t blame my weight related issues on excuses like “I had a bad childhood”, “I ate because I was depressed”, or “it’s in my family to be fat”.  I always loved that last excuse and used it for a long time.  Because many of my family had bad eating habits that I learned along the way, it must be “genetics”.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there is a genetic disposition for many of us to be “fat”, but it still doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it.

If I’ve learned anything over my 47 years, it’s that we have total control over our actions.  Even when I was clinically diagnosed with “depression”, in my own mind I always knew I could choose not to be “depressed” anymore, but the problem was, I didn’t want “not to be” depressed.  Now I know that sounds a bit crazy, and at the time I guess I certifiably was, but I remember very clearly one day that I decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore, and within a short time I simply “wasn’t”.  Now you could say that it was because of the medications and help I was receiving and I’m sure that was part of it, but unless I “chose to no longer be depressed”, I still would be.

I really believe that is also true with being overweight.  I can choose to be fat, or I can choose to be something else.  I can’t count the number of times that I looked in the mirror and thought, “I really don’t look so bad”, or “I carry my weight pretty well”, and off I’d go to grab another unhealthy snack and sit back on the couch instead of getting off my “big butt” and do some exercise!  Then there are the polite people who tell you that you don’t seem that heavy or tell you that you must be lying about your weight.  That might help you justify why you do what you do but sure doesn’t help you fix the problem.  I honestly believe there are a select few that think overweight people are “attractive”, but the majority don’t.  I’m obese and still think that obese people are not “attractive”, and I’m not referring to the “inner beauty” that everyone has, but the outside part of us that is just plain “fat”,  If that depresses you, I go back to my earlier statement of just “choosing not to be”.  Choose not to be depressed and choose not to be fat! 

Most of us will never be super model thin, and of course there are those who have the opposite illness we do and think they are fat even when there is nothing but skin and bone left, but we can all be at a “healthy weight” and become fit enough live past our 70th or 80th birthdays, but we have to “choose to”.  Start now!  One pound a week.  That’s all it takes.  Start walking, gardening, lifting light weights, but do something.  Don’t wait until you are already a type II diabetic and fighting arterial disease as I did to do something about it.  Start now!  A lighter new you is just “one pound ago”.

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