End of week 4 with TruVision supplements – my personal results

Good morning everyone,

Well here I am 4 weeks in (my wife is on 11 weeks) and I have little to no change to report from my own use of Truvision Health TruFix and Weight & Energy product combination.  My waist size and weight has not changed at all due to use of these products.  Now I won’t sit here and say it won’t work for anyone, I’m sure it could, but all I can say is that for my wife and I, it hasn’t.  I suffer from a number of problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, and more.  I take medications for all 3, the first two all the time and the 3rd as needed.  Now don’t get me wrong, I had extremely high hopes for this product.  I really wanted to believe that there might be a product that actually did what they claim when it comes to weight loss and the balance of my blood and system.  My intent was to take this until I had my annual blood draws which was last week, and see if there was any change at all in the results.  As scientific as it gets right?

So here are the results.  Keep in mind I have remained on exactly the same medications that I was on before without Tru and the second is with Tru.

Ttl. Cho.l   Triglyc.  HDL     LDL    VLDL   Wgt    Waist

Oct. 2015          189           179        45        106       36         233      44″

Jan. 2016          190           158       48        110        32         230      44″

So there you have it.  I changed nothing over those two periods, same medications in Oct. as in January, except in January I was taking the Tru supplements. As you can see, virtually nothing has changed, up or down.  My wife has had virtually the same results and she has been on it since November.  She has been up and down with waste size and has remained virtually unchanged over that period, so that’s two test cases, same results.

So what does this all mean?  For me personally, the only benefit I say I felt or noticed was that I was a bit less achy in the morning when I got up and my evening cravings were slightly reduced.  Unfortunately for me, that’s not worth the price of the product for just that one benefit.  I will be watching this closely in the coming week and if the pains come back, I will have to evaluate and see what’s out there as a supplement for just that issue, possibly something that is more cost effective.  The other problem I experienced with the supplement, and this is just me, wass increased acid reflux when I took this.

Beyond that, I see the same results possible through a good diet and regular exercise regimen.  I have already done this so I know it works. I lost almost 100 lbs. about 8 years ago doing exactly that so at this point, I’m saying what I knew then, I still know now to be true.  There is no “magic” pill for this, just good ole common sense.  I have not been as committed to my diet and exercise plan as I was those many years ago and consequently I am paying the price, not with being extremely overweight as I was then, but still bordering on the obese side.  I know how to fix this and it’s a matter of commitment on my part!  Doing what I know needs to be done and committing to it!  Kill the sugar, wheat, and starch,in my diet, exercise more, and I’ll lose weight.  I know that works because I’ve already done it.

I’m not knocking Tru, as for some it’s probably what they need either mentally or physically for certain issues to overcome their impediment with regard to weight loss and exercise…but it didn’t work for me.  I still have anxiety issues, no feelings of bliss, no weight loss or inches lost “without” making changes, so in the end for me, it didn’t work and it was very expensive unless I am willing to get others to join and use it which I just can’t do with something that didn’t work for myself or my wife.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with your weight loss endeavors.  There is no substitute for good old “healthy eating and exercise”. That’s how God built us and that’s what we should always be doing.

Week 2 Truvision Health trial

As I mentioned last week, I am trying the supplements of Truvision Health combination truFix and tru WEIGHT AND ENERGY.  I am doing a no holds barred evaluation of these products as I am true skeptic of these types of things but I am willing to give it a chance based on some claimed results of some close friends of mine.  So here goes for week one.

Weight – 227 – net loss of 1 lb.

Waist measurement – 46 1/2″ – net loss of 1 inch

I have changed nothing in daily routine so far.  I’m still eating the same diet I was before however I will admit that my evening snacking has been reduced in that I’m just not as hungry.  I would also say that I’m eating somewhat smaller portions at “some meals” as well.  Since I am starting week 2 as of today, I think the real test begins now.  Since this was also my first week back at work, I naturally eat more consistent diet because I have always brought a lunch.  My wife is actually in her 2nd month and I would say so far her results have been “less than encouraging” but we are giving it another month and see how it goes.

Stay tuned as get to the end of next week and report the results.  TruVision Health is a fairly new company and still growing so some exciting possibilities here if the products work.  Onward we go!